I’ve been reading a lot of social serye lately. I enjoy reading them in text messaging view since it shows the conversation flow. When you’re reading in your phone or laptop, for me, it’s kinda dragging to find a page full of texts. Hence, a different kind of delivering conversations (like text messaging) is interesting. I’m fascinated by Life Chapters by Jenny Almocera. I like how the conversations are very close to reality. It is something that anyone can easily relate to. I like how the characters are linked together in a weird but fun way. I also like how the authors create stories for each characters in a different ‘book.’ Simply, I enjoy reading the seryes. I got curious on who Jenny Almocera is so I checked. I was surprised to know that she was the writer of Vince and Kath and James which I also enjoyed reading before! I guess she’s really good in what she do. And I do hope there’s more stories from her/them!


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